We went to the new spoo park!!!

new dog park

Shasta writing this post today:

Okay, I admit it is a new dog park, but don’t hate me for thinking how great it would be if it were just for spoos. Don’t get me wrong. I like most other breeds, but because there are so few spoos in Houston, there would be less competition for balls if we were the only ones allowed.

Let me start off by saying I still have mixed feelings about what has happened re the new dog park. It is on the location of the old unofficial dog park on the corner of Allen Pkwy and Montrose/Studewood.  That place was soooo much fun back in the day.


All the rebel humans would let us dogs off the leash risking a ticket from the po-po humans.

run forest run

There were all kinds of bushes and trees and vines to hide in. I could sniff out rats, squirrels, nutria, and all kinds of other bayou critters.


There were places I could enter that lovely stinky bayou and get nice and muddy.



There was a sandy section where we could pretend we were beach babies and run like the wind.

2013-11-12 14.00.41

And there was a cool fountain where the water was usually just as nasty except when they put this blue stuff in it.

2013-09-23 19.01.29

Now they have cut down almost all the bushes and vines and a lot of the trees (they then planted some new ones that are tiny and are a long way from holding the right amount of squirrels.) All the wide open space that we use to run like manics around is now where the new dog park is. There is still one space I can get a good sprint going, but it isn’t like before 😦

On the up side, the grass is softer and more eatable. And for the record, eating grass does not make me puke – eating Momma Mim’s precious special order black bamboo does. You would think she wouldn’t get so upset with me when I save her a trip to the vet by treating my own tummy problems with it. But I digress.  Momma Mim seems to be pleased that I can swim without floating down the bayou at the new park – like that would ever had happened.  She also remembers the day a water moccasin was in the bayou and thinks they will stay out of the man-made pond in the dog park. I won’t be the one to break it to her that snakes think water is water and could care less if it is in the official park fence.  Shasta and I have discovered it is best to coddle her when it comes to snakes.

The opening picture is of us in the new park. It isn’t open yet, but Momma Mim is just as mischievous as Sherlock sometimes and let herself in. We probably won’t get an invitation to the official grand opening because the other humans don’t understand her free spirited ways most times.  But after it does open and the pond is full, I hope to see you all there. Bring your own toy because I don’t share and go easy on Sherlock. I know he is a jerk sometimes, but that doesn’t mean you all should bully him like you do. Later Bayou Gators.


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