Mutt Movies – My Dirty Secret

Sherlock posting here today. 

For my first post, I thought I would share a personal problem I have. I’m a TV junkie!!!

It started at a young age when my human exposed me to this vice. I remember it well. It was a cat food commercial.  From there I was hooked. I graduated to jonesing for stronger stimulants like the Save the Animal commercials then jumped right to the hard stuff like PBS’s Nature’s special on wolves and Air Bud movies.  My human is trying to make me go cold turkey by hiding the remote. I hope all of you will support me through my journey of recovery. In the meantime, above is a video of me getting a fix. It is an old one from last year but has the Christmas decorations that Momma Mim would not put up this year so I thought it was more seasonal. The holidays are especially hard for us addicts (see photo below – I have watched Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer four times.) It is hard to watch but important you see how bad my habit is.  (And please forgive Shasta barking – she gets a little neurotic when I’m using.)

2014-12-09 19.45.09


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