It’s In My Mouth Monday – Santa Crotch


Shasta reporting in today. 

Welcome to the holiday addition to It’s In My Mouth Monday.  As usual, Sherlock will be the star of most of this post because… well, that nut will put anything in his mouth. I am a lot more selective as to what I will put my poodle lips around. Especially in Houston. You never can tell where things have been.

This installment is called Santa Crotch.  I think the picture goes without much need for comment except I would like to point out to Santa, once again, who the good dog is and who the bad dog is.  Sherlock doesn’t deserve squat for Christmas and I really deserve double for having to live with him.  Not counting the nasty incident with an elf when I was a pup (I swear he looked like a fire hydrant,) I have been the vision of holiday spirit.

And as for Momma Mim, she has kept her word and is boycotting Christmas until retailers quit starting the music and decorations until after Thanksgiving. She deserves no Santa love this year either.  I hope this doesn’t mean he skips my house all together. I didn’t choose the human and sidekick I have. I was dealt lemons and have no thumbs to enable me to make lemonade. Besides, all I am asking for is a new elephant squeaky to replace the one Sherlock tore up and one or two cow tracheae.   Hook a girl up Mr. Claus.


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