Rabid Ramblings – The Hunt for the Santa Human

Sherlock speaking to you today.

Shasta and I have just a few more days to perfect our plans for catching the Santa human this year. Last year, due to something I am sure was Shasta’s fault, we missed the guy. And honestly, we are both more excited about getting our bark on at his reindeer than the fat man himself.  So now we are reviewing what went wrong last year.

We started by checking to make sure he hadn’t already snuck in and left things under the tree. Shasta checked the big tree and I looked under some of the small ones.

What is under the treeis this eadable

I checked in the dining room and kitchen. Shasta checked in the bedrooms and bathrooms. And then we both looked around outside. We were sure he hadn’t been around yet.

xmas dining table3  silver tree onexmas outside


I even ask the quite guy if he had seen Santa and only got more cold shoulder.

friend or foe

We sat down and had a chat about where the red guy would come in at.

sofa one


Shasta had paid more attention to the TV and said he always came in from the roof. And it was that moment we were both sure we heard him land. We raced up the stairs.

santa on the roof

But it was clearly just a roof rat because there was no smell of reindeer anywhere up there. We were dejected and headed down to think some more.

our job is done

After we brain stormed for a while we came up with an idea. I would watch the top of the stairs to the roof.

top of stairs one

And Shasta would stay at the bottom on the first floor in case he was lazy and came through the front door.

bottom of stairs


Eventually we gave up. I’m sure Shasta gave up first.


But I wasn’t too far behind.



Momma Mim told us he wasn’t coming to our house because of the way we treated his effigy and the way Shasta and Shandy had been to an elf.

killing santa not sharing shandy

We know she is kidding though. We have done worse things in the past and he still came. So here is our plan. We are booby trapping the place. I put our toys everywhere and Shasta gathered all our bones to put on the stairs. The big fellow is sure to trip and fall and then…. those reindeer are ours.

2014-11-14 19.14.36 2013-08-27 19.50.52


And we are going to stay alert.

santa watch

Well, at least one of us will. Sigh……

2014-06-11 02.07.54


Regardless, I hope you all have happy holidays and your wishes come true. And Momma Mim says to add, “Peace on earth and good will towards man and poodles.” (Okay – I added the poodle part. But we deserve some good will too 🙂


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