It’s In My Mouth Monday – The Christmas Snake

Sherlock writing today.

sitting sherlock

Children gather round for the story of the horrible Christmas Snake. Legend has it, that Santa Claus was once bit on the ankle by this awful creature.  It cause his glands to swell resulting in the fat man we see today.

This nasty Christmas Snake has roamed North America forcing stores to stay open 24 hours for holiday shoppers and depositing uneatable fruit cake in mail boxes. Until today that is. I – Sherlock ‘Lil Shit’ Shane – killed him. And he is in my mouth.

Christmas snake

And that is the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I swear on Shasta’s favorite squeaky.

winking santa snake


PS. To the two wonderful people who found Momma Mim’s purse and returned it tonight – you rock!!!! If you ever need someone to rid your space of critters – I’m your guy.


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