It’s In My Mouth Monday – Night Terror

Shasta reporting in today.

As you can see, I finally got video proof that Sherlock is the cause of the circles under my eyes. (They are hidden by fur, but I guarantee to you they are there.) I was able to borrow a night vision camera and shoot the mad dog in the act.

I have been telling Momma Mim that Sherlock is partying all night keeping me awake when she takes a sleeping pill. This was at 3:26 am. Even the street dogs and alley cats were tucked in for the night.  I was having a great dream about swimming in the bayou when…. squeak, squeak, squeak!

After a bit, he started to pull the stuffing out and I though I would get some quiet. But no! He went right back to nibbling on the bit that makes the poor creature that he was disemboweling squeal.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love that high pitched pipping just as much as the next dog, but I know there is an appropriate time for everything.  Sure – we poodles should be half awake listening for the Bogie Man at all times, but that means we should get our half sleep when our humans do.

Today I am calling a family meeting. If Sherlock won’t agree to keep his shenanigans to a low roar and Momma Mim doesn’t back me up, I’m going to look for a new home. Perhaps there is a butcher out there looking for a classy girl.  In the meantime: I’m exhausted.

tired shasta




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