Mutt Movies – Thumbs and Animal Cruelty.

Sherlock penning today.

Sometimes my human, Momma Mim, is a meanie.  Take tonight for example. She knows I don’t have thumbs, and yet, she puts the whip cream tub upside down so I couldn’t get to the yummy. Where is PETA when I need them?

This woman was so coldblooded, instead of helping when she saw my dilemma, she picked up her camera to record it. But I, being of the Standard variety of poodle, solved the problem all on my own. And may I add, there wasn’t a bit of whip cream that escaped my masterful tongue.

Perhaps I should not be so hard on Momma Mim. After all, she let me and Shasta eat the crust from her pie and always shares a taste of her goodies (after I give her a good stare down.) But I tell you, if I had thumbs, I would not only have my way with the refrigerator, I would use it to take some pictures of Momma Mim when she is sleeping. Uploading a video of her snoring and drool running down her cheek would be lovely payback.


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