Tongue Out Tuesday – The Stuff of Legends

Sherlock sharing today.

Me in my Miami

There are many things that earn me the name Super Standard Sherlock – Defender of Poodle-kind. Take my tongue for example.  As you can see from the photo above, it is epic.  My human thinks I have it out so much because it is hot here in Houston, but I am really just showing the world what a fine body part it is. In fact, it is too glorious to be kept hidden in my mouth. So, I share it with my admiring public.

I have heard of this creature called an Ant Eater that is suppose to have a better tongue than I. Let me first say, eating ants is silly. I have eaten a cockroach – was not good – tasted like the rubbish bin.  I have eaten June bugs – not bad – be careful not to get a leg caught in your throat. I have eaten moths – very tasty – wings are a little dry but the flavor is a little “taste like chicken.” But an ant? Why bother. I won’t even waste my time on a cookie crumb that small. So this critter might have a longer tongue than I, but he has questionable taste as to what he does with it.

I will let you judge for yourself as to whether the tongue pictured above is not the best darn licker you have ever seen. And if you want proof, make an appointment with my secretary and bring a jar of peanut butter. I will be happy to prove it in person.


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