Explain Our Human – Obamacare and Mental Health

Shasta checking in and writing today.

The woman is nuts! Our owner, Momma Mim is fruit loops.  We all know only a crazy person would cry fire in a crowded theater or yell kitty when there isn’t one. So I am asking you all: does this insurance thingy she has cover mental health? And if so, how do I, a poodle of delicate persuasion convince her to use it?

As you can see in the first video below, her balminess is reeking havoc in our peaceful domicile.  First she sees kitties. Then she sees horsies. Finally, she is seeing birdies. Of course I go into action immediately since I am the official Chaser Off-er of our pack.  But alas – there is no fowl or fur intruder to be found.

Eventually, Momma Mim’s delusions got the best of Sherlock and he went off on me. It may look violent, but I assure you that he means no ill intent to me. He does that growl/teeth thing to me all the time when we are playing. He also does it to the vacuum cleaner and MM’s electric toothbrush. I figure it is because he is so wussy looking that he has to do something seem macho. (He does get teased at the dog park for being rather feminine in his movements and looks – but “hater’s gonna hate” is what I tell him.) He never has any bite with that bark. But I digress. It isn’t nice that MM’s carrying on got him worked up. Note at the end she asked if I’m crazy. Talk about the irony.

In this second video, you can see that I am having none of MM’s insanity. When she whispered kitty the first time, I (for a split second,) went on alert. But you don’t pull the topknot over this poo’s eyes twice. And she keeps going on even though I am giving her the stink eye. It is amazing she thinks, because she is whispering, I don’t know what she is saying. She forgets I can hear her put a spoon in ice cream when I am rooms away.

So it is more kitties, more horsies, more birdies…. She even tries to get me with a “go bye-bye. Hah! I have her number.  If you listen closely, at the end she even admits to being mental.   We have progress with the fact she is recognizing her problem. Now we just have to find a nice doctor to treat her. And I do hope that is covered. I don’t want it coming out of our bone money.


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