TBT: The Puppy Chronicles – Just Because Dad Was Frozen Sperm Doesn’t Mean I’m Cold Blooded.

Sherlock posting today.

shake it out

Just look at me – a pup born with swag.  As I sat down to write this blog post and went though the pictures, I couldn’t help but think, “some dogs are just born with it – and I am one.”  And it isn’t just the great DNA from my pedigree: I have that resplendent flare.

I began life thanks to Fed-ex. My father was a Canadian stud (as in male breeding dog and as in being hot stuff.) My mother who lived in Texas was the granddaughter of a Westminster group champion.  They never met. Thanks to dry ice, air freight, and a nice veterinarian, my brother’s and I came to be.  There were eight of us – four white and four black. But much to our breeders dismay, we all had nuts.

Sherlock litter

Because so much greatness could not reside in one place, my siblings and I were all sent to live with different humans. I lucked into Momma Mim as mine.  She had two spoos who were rescues from puppy mills, but had lost one six months before I graced her life. The remaining love of her life, Shasta, was one of the biggest darn spoos I had ever seen. The puppy mill had called them Royal Standards but there is no such thing (well, except for me – but I am Royal because of the fact that I am noble, gentle, imperial, kingly, and wellborn.) Naturally Shasta was bummed to see me because she knew the star of the show had arrived on the set. But like everyone else, she couldn’t resist my charm and I grew on her.

2013-02-24 07.22.44

The first months of training my new human was rough. I found the best way to motivate her was with the happy face.

2013-03-18 03.19.58

And that was a no brainer for me.

Path pup

Momma Mim was highly excitable at first. She would get in a tizzy about the funnest things like peeing, chewing, and singing loudly – things that come natural to every creature on the planet.  She seemed to need these things to happen at certain times and in certain places.  I have now learned all humans are OCD, and since monkeys are not allowed to have pets, I just adapted to keep things calm.

To keep this post short (there is a novel to be written about my puppy cuteness and poodle cleverness,) I will sum up that things worked out very well for what started in a deep freezer. There is a lot of warmth in my home and heart.


I will share more puppy stories in the future – we have a lot of TBT’s to come.


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