Tongue Out Tuesday – TV Tastes Better

Shasta writing today.

I know that you have heard that we dogs have a great sense of smell, but Sherlock is convinced he has a great sense of taste too. The coconut head can taste TV. He insists on hanging that long tongue of his out of his mouth every now and then to get the flavor of what he is watching.  I had video of him slowed down from when he was watching the tube. If you watch for a while (around the 1:42 mark,) you will see him wagging that long pink set of taste buds in an attempt to see if his favorite show taste like chicken.

I have tried it without luck although Momma Mim’s cell phone sometimes tastes like chicken – especially if she has just eaten chicken – so I keep trying.  I hate it when Sherlock can do something I can’t. I hope he trips on that darn tongue!

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