What I Learned From My Dogs Today – Velcro Manufacturing Explained

Momma Mim guest blogging today.

I use to love Mr. Roger’s “how it is made” films. It is how I learned how crayons, fortune cookies, and rubber balls came to be. If I had a magic wand, everything on earth would come with an attached card explaining it’s existence. But some things are self explanitory when it comes to where it is from. Velcro for example.

It is very plain to me that Velcro is produced from shearing poodles. I am not sure where these poodle farms are – New Zealand perhaps? But somewhere there are acres and acres of poodle filled land meeting the demand for Velcro worldwide.

How am I quite sure of this? Let’s look at the evidence.  For starters, poodles are Velcro. Just ask anyone who has had one. They stick to you no matter what you are doing.

Going to the loo…

dogs bathroom

Out on the town….

shasta at bar lapdog

Kicking back on the sofa….

shasta velcro

When attempting to do sit ups….

dogs sit ups

And not only are they attached to you every time you turn around, everything else sticks to them.  Leaves (small and large) …

shasta leafShandy leaf

Small purple flowers…..

sherlock in ear

shasta flower nose arrow

Not to mention all kinds of other oddball items….

shasta marshmallo

They are like dryer sheets. They stick to everything including the clean laundry….

snug bug

They even stick to each other….


My dream is to one day be able to visit one of the poodle ranches during round-up and shearing and then watch as they make the final product. I also wish Mr. Rodgers was still around to enlighten the masses. As for now, I need to go brush my teeth while attached to my two spoos and hope the toothpaste doesn’t find it’s way to stick on them.


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