It Wasn’t My Fault – It was going to be a Tabby Coon

Sherlock and Shasta giving you the facts here today.

    Dog shame and share 

Sherlock: I wanted a tabby cat.

Shasta: And I wanted a Maine Coon because a cat in this house would need to be able to show you who is boss when you get in one of your “moods.”

Sherlock: We did something we rarely do – we compromised. We were going to get a Tabby Coon. A tortoiseshell colored one to be exact. Shasta had already started to search Craig’s List.

Shasta: I mean, we had this deal with Momma Mim in the bag. She said, if we ever hit 8500 shares with our blog and video’s, she would get us our kitten.  With my smarts and Sherlock’s – errrr – mannerisms, we had this on lock down. 

Sherlock: But then, in typical unfair Momma Mim style, she added the part about staying out of the laundry.

Shasta: I knew we were sunk because of Sherlock’s addictive personality and my OCD but we gave it a try. Sherlock was the first to break.

Sherlock: It wasn’t my fault. I thought it was just socks so it didn’t seem to be a big deal if I took another item instead. How was I to know that thongs were the gateway drug? 

Sherlock and the thong

Besides, you were the one who opened the door to messing with the laundry in the first place with your never ending need to check out the clean clothes.

Shasta: It wasn’t my fault. Momma Mim depends on me when it comes to laundry. Didn’t she say the other day she finds me in the clean clothes as much as she finds dryer sheets? She can’t do the laundry without me and dryer sheets.

snug bug

Sherlock: Well what happened next wasn’t my fault. She left the drawer open to her clean socks. She didn’t say anything about the clean ones, did she? It was like a hit of pure crack cocaine. Socks and more socks!!!

lock jump

Besides, you were the one who first got into the dirty laundry.

Shasta: Well, it wasn’t my fault she left the load of dirty stuff out where she usually puts the clean stuff to fold. I figured it out by the second sniff. That stuff wasn’t right. 


But then you put us on the radar when you tried to steal one right off her foot.


Sherlock: It wasn’t my fault you drew more attention when you insisted to napping on both the unfolded and folded clean clothes. She knew we were about to break then.

2014-04-07 19.41.04

2014-11-16 19.22.28

Shasta: Hold on, it wasn’t my fault you thought you would be clever and try to hide the fact that you had broken down and taken that sock that ruined our chance of fluffy kitty happiness by trying to hide it behind another toy.

sherlock double duty

Sherlock: Okay, I might have been the one that set her off, but when it comes right down to it, it is Momma Mim’s fault. She knows we are hopeless laundry addicts and she set us up for failure. You know she didn’t want a cat anyway.

Shasta: You are so right Sherlock, it is Momma Mim’s fault. See, we can agree on a lot if we try. 

Sherlock: Let’s go check Craig’s List for a pro-bono lawyer and sue Momma Mim. We haven’t lost our chance at a feline of our own yet.


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