Tail Out Tuesday – Darn Amazon.

Momma Mim blogging today.

I just had to vent. Why can’t things look the same when you get them as they did on the web site. This was suppose to be beige – not Cafe Au Lait brown. And no where in the description did it mention the tail.  Sigh!

Well, I guess I will keep it anyway.  It would be a pain to get to the postal store. Plus, it goes well with the white one I have.  I just hope it is easy to keep clean.

Didn't match the description'

[Post-note: Once I got it up in the room it did look beige and I didn’t notice the tail at all.  I tried to use it to keep the TV from getting slobbered on but discovered putting the white on top of the beige one still resulted in a spit covered telly.  2015-03-18 00.18.28

I wonder if it comes in Black?]

{Post-note to the post-note: This is not unlike the time I ordered a polar bear skin rug and was sent this:

2013-02-25 00.33.51

I sent it back and told them it was larger in the picture and they sent this:

2013-02-24 01.56.01

While closer to the web site photo, it still wasn’t right. I decided to go with a different company and received this:

sleepy frog dog

They tried to sell me a white furry frog instead of the promised polar bear rug. Where is the truth in advertising these days?}


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