Rabid Ramblings – That Which Strikes Fear in the Hearts of Heros.

Shasta writing today.

I’m a big girl.  Big boned. Big hearted. And full of big ideas.  But I have a big fear: monsters under the bed.  Momma Mim keeps saying there aren’t any there, but you be the judge.

It all started when I kept feeling like something was starting at me. MM said I was paranoid.

Don't look behind you 2

Don't look behind you photoshop

Then one day I dropped my toy by the edge of the bed. When I went to retrieve it, there was SOMETHING there. At first I thought it was a dust bunny. MM is pretty good about cleaning, but sometimes dust bunnies move in. Then it moved. It seemed friendly enough.

Monster under the bed 1

It gave me a big toothy grin so I moved in to check it out. What a silly looking thing. It seemed like a clown creature – not a monster.

Monster under the bed 2

But then, just as I was about to invite it out to join me in a game of squeaky toy, the beast relieved itself.

Monster under the bed 3

This thing was bat ship crazy.  It was loony and evil at the same time.

Monster under the bed 4

It reminded me of Yosemite Sam – mean to the core with crazy eyes.


I ran to get MM and she looked under the bed. Nothing she said. I insisted. She got out the flashlight and showed me. It was gone.  But I knew it would be back. MM said I was being silly.  We watched a movie called Monsters Inc. where the monsters were nice. But I knew what I saw. That was not a cute cuddly Sully.  I drew her a picture.

evil poodle

She said that looked like her sister. Again, she said I was being silly. There is no such thing as monsters. And if there were, they wouldn’t want to live under our bed. It is pretty boring under there. I agree. I have wiggled under there a few times myself and there is nothing going on. So I will just chill. I’m sure there is nothing to worry about!

Monster under the bed 5


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