It’s Not My Fault – Please Don’t Take My Dogs Away From Me!

Momma Mim blogging today.

Let me start by saying I understand. Shasta and Sherlock are without something because of me. But I say what they are missing is a want – not a need.  I feel they can live full healthy lives without owning a cat.

(See for their side of the story.)

My beloved dogs are so determined to get a pet of their own they are now threatening to call PETA or the Humane Society on me. So now I am worried that animal activists are going to bonk me on the head to liberate my 2 spoos.  Therefor, I am appealing to you all: please let me keep my dogs – I do my best to make up for them not having a cat of their own.

For example:

I buy them every toy they put their nose on when we go shopping. This picture shows just the “downstairs toys.”

too many toys

They also have the “upstairs toys,” their “roof deck toys,” and their “garage/dog park toys.”

And then there is their diet. I buy them dog food that has more thought put into it than what I eat. And speaking of what I eat, I share that too.

sharing watermelon

And they have plenty of uncooked bones to chew (this was after I cleaned out both of their hiding spots.)

elephant graveyard

And I make sure they have lots of other kinds of chews.

2013-08-07 19.41.58 spine of small child

They get to choose what channels we watch on TV.

picking channels

And they have their own laptop to use to post their selfies.

thier own computer

They get lots of exercise at dog parks and places I let them “break the law.”

off leash romp           2013-09-23 19.01.29

And as for a comfy place to sleep, I think this says it all – that is MY king size bed.

No room for me

And they have their own spots on the furniture that they begrudgingly share.

2015-07-21 22.22.01

On the furniture

So what do you think? Do you think they have a case?  I love them with all my heart. And my head. So please animal lovers, look into my eyes and see – them not having a cat is not near as bad as us not having each other.

Nothing makes you feel more loved Can you hear him screaming let me go


8 thoughts on “It’s Not My Fault – Please Don’t Take My Dogs Away From Me!

  1. Having a cat might effect their cushy lifestyles. Cats are notorious bed stealers as well as being fickle with their feelings. If they want a fluffy pet, I suggest a rabbit or a guinea pig. Small enough to be ruled by the dogs. Our dog too wanted a cat but in turn lost her bed, her food and her quiet uninterrupted human time. She would tell them don’t get a cat!

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    1. Thank you Laurene! I read your response to Sherlock and he said, “piffle.” But now I see his wheels turning. Sharing food is now weighing on his mind. Thanks again!!!


    2. I am the low man on the ladder. I have already lost my bed, my food, and my quiet uninterrupted human time (hence no boyfriend.) If the dogs lost their bed (which is use to be my bed,) to a cat, I would be sleeping in a tent in the yard.


    1. I like cats. But I also like breathing. I has cats growing up and my parents wondered why I always had a cold. When I was 40, I had an allergy test – yep. Kitties and Kleenex go hand in hand for me. I’ve offered to get them a gold fish instead πŸ™‚

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