It’s In My Mouth Monday – I’m a Nature Lover: Don’t Hate Me.

Sherlock writing today.

I love nature. That might surprise many of you who think standard poodles are prissy and don’t like to get out and get dirty. Well let me tell you: we were bred to hunt and hunt I do.

The problem arises though when I bring my treasures I found outside inside. Momma Mim is funny about this. She gets to bring in things like plants in pots and and sticks she puts in vases that she calls decor. But when I bring in decor she huffs and puffs and throws it back out. For example, I brought in this little stick.

tiny stick

Momma Mim said it was debris and threw it back outside. I don’t know what debris is but I certainly know it doesn’t belong outside. That was a little stick out of a bird’s nest and it had the best smells on it. I figured Momma Mim didn’t like it because it was so small so the next time I found a bigger one.

bigger stick

And still she frowny faced and took it back out. Just because I don’t have a vase to stick it in doesn’t mean it isn’t decor. I decided to try something different. I found a great leaf.

mouth leaf

It was all crunchy and delicate. I loved it. But MM said I was naughty. I don’t get it? I’m helping. I found another really neat yellow leaf and brought it in. I heard MM coming so I tried to pass it off to Shasta. She would have none of it and once again I was in trouble.
I thought I had figured out what the problem was. MM was really picky about decor. So I needed to switch tactics. Instead of vegetation, I would bring in animals. MM loves animals! Wrong!!! She really lost it when I brought in my new nature find.

2013-11-01 07.59.16-1

Boy did she get upset. She said I was not allowed to bring anything inside at all. She gave me my squirrel and told me that was my limit as to rodents in the house.

fake squirle

That was the last straw. If she won’t let me bring nature in, I’ll just go live outside. I am already putting my decor outside. Let’s see if she huffs now.

outdoor toys

She is one hard woman to live with!!!


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  1. Awesome SPoo blog! I heart SPoos and yours are hilarious. We have a silver parti poodle name Monty who is turning 1 year this week. SPoos have the greatest expressions.

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