The Girl Who Liked Hats

There once was a girl who liked hats. Unlike the other girls who wore hats to hide their greasy hair or to look like a tomboy, this girl wore hats to be noticed. Floppy hats were her favorite as they made her look mysterious. As the girl grew older, she became aware that her simple beauty could get her noticed too. So at times she would just put a dainty flower in her hair.

Later on, she learned her head wear could make statements. She loved to show her team colors when going to the local sports bar. Even though her natural good looks brought all the boys around, flying the local colors didn’t hurt.

At times, the girl felt silly and threw out the fashion rule books to express her joy and playfulness. It made everyone smile. Even the Boy Who Didn’t Like Hats would give a grin.

And in her most goofy times, when no hat was to be found, she found her creative spirit and would make one.

With such a artistic flair, she had the holidays in the bag. ‘

Sometimes, even she would admit her creativity fell flat. Her try at a glamorized jungle shot missed the mark.

And then there was her secret. She too wore a hat sometimes to hide her greasy locks. When a girl is hard at work, sometimes you just have to bury the mess until the job is done.

Time passed and the girl became a woman. She still loved her hats.

And discovered a good pair of sunglasses added something extra.

Floppies still were her favorite – now instead of mystery, they were a grab at being young again.

And her creative hat making became more avant-garde. She loved doing statement pieces.

Along the way, she tried to show her BFF how to wear a hat. “Momma Mim,” she would say, “The hat does not make the woman. The woman makes the hat.” But her tutelage was useless. While the girl was kind and never said so, the world could see some people were just not meant for hats.

No. Too big.
No. Too Small.
No. Not original.
No. Not mysterious – more like sea sick.
Again no. But you do get high marks for helping a friend with her shoe.

The girl sweetly suggested that her friend was more of a mask person. After all, you don’t have to rip someone down to build yourself up. And the girl was right.

Much better. And the fish adds mystery in itself.

Now that the girl, the woman of grace, has reached the end of her life, even hats don’t get her the attention from those looking for younger or fresh… But she still maintains her class and style. And those who have always seen her as the special angel she is don’t mind the thinning hair and the slowness of her step. She still shines in the hearts of those who loved, love, will always love The Girl Who Liked Hats.


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