Welcome to Shasta, Sherlock, and Wafflehead the Wonderdog’s world. We believe everyone should own a spoo as special as we are, but since we are in short supply, we will share our poodleness here.  We are also including our Momma Mim, Kim Sepahpur, (because she has no life of her own to share and we feel sorry for her.) You will also see Shandy appear at times. She was one of the original 2spoos but crossed the rainbow bridge way to soon.  Her spirit is still with us so it would only be right to share it here.  So sit back and prepare to be dazzled by poodle prowess.

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  1. Please do not leave the PF, just because one or two miss-recreant individuals have taken their, excessive, spare time to critique you. Most all of us value your contributions.


    1. Eric;

      The two complaints were just the straw that broke the camel’s back. I am really rather thick skinned when it comes to things like that. Over time, I had started noticing how negative a lot of posts and comments were. I really believe in the saying, “garbage in – garbage out.” I don’t watch stressful TV and want my computer time to be as positive as possible. I am actually trying to start a subreddit called Proud Pet Parents for just a place to brag and share happy moments, pictures, and video’s of our babies. I will miss a lot of you on PF but it only takes one apple to spoil the barrel. Well, I am out of adages 🙂 Best wishes.



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