It’s In My Mouth Monday – A very good reason!

Sherlock blogging today.sherlock in my mouth blue toy

For today’s It’s In My Mouth Monday, I picked a blue springy toy that has four – yes, that’s right – four squeakers in it.  Do I have it in my mouth because it is springy? No. Do I have it in my mouth because it is my favorite color blue? No. Do I have it in my mouth because of the squeakers in it? While that is a bonus, no.

I have it in my mouth because Shasta wants to play with it. And that is the best reason of all!!!


It’s In My Mouth Monday – Night Terror

Shasta reporting in today.

As you can see, I finally got video proof that Sherlock is the cause of the circles under my eyes. (They are hidden by fur, but I guarantee to you they are there.) I was able to borrow a night vision camera and shoot the mad dog in the act.

I have been telling Momma Mim that Sherlock is partying all night keeping me awake when she takes a sleeping pill. This was at 3:26 am. Even the street dogs and alley cats were tucked in for the night.  I was having a great dream about swimming in the bayou when…. squeak, squeak, squeak!

After a bit, he started to pull the stuffing out and I though I would get some quiet. But no! He went right back to nibbling on the bit that makes the poor creature that he was disemboweling squeal.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love that high pitched pipping just as much as the next dog, but I know there is an appropriate time for everything.  Sure – we poodles should be half awake listening for the Bogie Man at all times, but that means we should get our half sleep when our humans do.

Today I am calling a family meeting. If Sherlock won’t agree to keep his shenanigans to a low roar and Momma Mim doesn’t back me up, I’m going to look for a new home. Perhaps there is a butcher out there looking for a classy girl.  In the meantime: I’m exhausted.

tired shasta



It’s In My Mouth Monday – The Christmas Snake

Sherlock writing today.

sitting sherlock

Children gather round for the story of the horrible Christmas Snake. Legend has it, that Santa Claus was once bit on the ankle by this awful creature.  It cause his glands to swell resulting in the fat man we see today.

This nasty Christmas Snake has roamed North America forcing stores to stay open 24 hours for holiday shoppers and depositing uneatable fruit cake in mail boxes. Until today that is. I – Sherlock ‘Lil Shit’ Shane – killed him. And he is in my mouth.

Christmas snake

And that is the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I swear on Shasta’s favorite squeaky.

winking santa snake


PS. To the two wonderful people who found Momma Mim’s purse and returned it tonight – you rock!!!! If you ever need someone to rid your space of critters – I’m your guy.

It’s In My Mouth Monday – Santa Crotch


Shasta reporting in today. 

Welcome to the holiday addition to It’s In My Mouth Monday.  As usual, Sherlock will be the star of most of this post because… well, that nut will put anything in his mouth. I am a lot more selective as to what I will put my poodle lips around. Especially in Houston. You never can tell where things have been.

This installment is called Santa Crotch.  I think the picture goes without much need for comment except I would like to point out to Santa, once again, who the good dog is and who the bad dog is.  Sherlock doesn’t deserve squat for Christmas and I really deserve double for having to live with him.  Not counting the nasty incident with an elf when I was a pup (I swear he looked like a fire hydrant,) I have been the vision of holiday spirit.

And as for Momma Mim, she has kept her word and is boycotting Christmas until retailers quit starting the music and decorations until after Thanksgiving. She deserves no Santa love this year either.  I hope this doesn’t mean he skips my house all together. I didn’t choose the human and sidekick I have. I was dealt lemons and have no thumbs to enable me to make lemonade. Besides, all I am asking for is a new elephant squeaky to replace the one Sherlock tore up and one or two cow tracheae.   Hook a girl up Mr. Claus.

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