Join the fun on Facebook at our page 2spoos. Sherlock and Shasta say, “You can never have to much of a good thing!”

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14 thoughts on “Join the fun on Facebook at our page 2spoos. Sherlock and Shasta say, “You can never have to much of a good thing!”

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    1. Thank you. And to you too. We are having a very peaceful holiday and I’m finding joy in the pups as they ignore their new Christmas Eve gifts of toys and play with the old ones. It is a very spoo holiday.


    1. I miss all of you. But unfortunately, Facebook continues to refuse to take action on hate speech. If fact, more and more is coming to light as to how bias it is on allowing the Right to post falsehoods and racist posts. A bit of good news was their usership was way down last quarter. The bad news is there are still so many people on that they see no need to provide a more civil platform. Please encourage everyone to get on FB as little as possible. I know most people can’t go cold turkey like I have, but if we reduce the amount of views, the advertisers will leave and they will have to make it a safe and fair place.

      Meanwhile, Shasta passed away last week. She had a good last month but was at the point of having no use of her back legs the last few days. The vet came to the house and she went peacefully in her favorite spot in the back yard with me and the two boys at her side. Sherlock and Waffles have uber bonded since she is gone. It was like she was Mom and they now have no supervision. They are little – make that big – terrors, all of a sudden.

      I still have Long COVID problems. But I do see some improvement. I was planning on going to Houston next month but the maskless wonders are making it to where it isn’t a good idea to travel. My lungs are so damaged that even a common cold could go into pneumonia.

      I hope you are well and staying safe and sane during these “interesting” times. Cyber hugs.


      1. So sorry for your loss, Kim! Shasta was very very loved and she had some happy years with you and the boys.
        Miss you and your stories.
        Hugs and love from California


      2. Kim, i just ran across ypur post. My heart skipped a few beats when I read Shasta had died. She was one lucky poodle to own you. I miss your posts, and hope life is good for you and your boys.


    1. There should be a follow option somewhere. To be honest, I can’t remember where. I’ll look later this afternoon when I get in my big girl computer and let you know.


      1. Took me a while but I figured out how to post a comment. Click on the white arrow in the black circle.


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