What I Learned From My Dogs Today – Velcro Manufacturing Explained

Momma Mim guest blogging today. I use to love Mr. Roger's "how it is made" films. It is how I learned how crayons, fortune cookies, and rubber balls came to be. If I had a magic wand, everything on earth would come with an attached card explaining it's existence. But some things are self explanitory... Continue Reading →

Tongue Out Tuesday – TV Tastes Better

Shasta writing today. I know that you have heard that we dogs have a great sense of smell, but Sherlock is convinced he has a great sense of taste too. The coconut head can taste TV. He insists on hanging that long tongue of his out of his mouth every now and then to get the... Continue Reading →

TBT: The Puppy Chronicles – Just Because Dad Was Frozen Sperm Doesn’t Mean I’m Cold Blooded.

Sherlock posting today. Just look at me - a pup born with swag.  As I sat down to write this blog post and went though the pictures, I couldn't help but think, "some dogs are just born with it - and I am one."  And it isn't just the great DNA from my pedigree: I... Continue Reading →

What I Learned From My Dogs Today – I’m Not Saying Your Child Looks Like a Dog…

Momma Mim being allowed to blog today: The results are in.  The average dog is as smart as the average two year old human.  So my advice today goes for bare skinned, as well as fur covered, kids. Put this to memory: if you don't want to do something for the rest of your life,... Continue Reading →

Canine Conversations – New Year Revolutions.

Sherlock: Hello to all. Sherlock and Shasta here to share our New Year Revolutions. Shasta: It is resolutions, you goof ball. Sherlock: What fun is that? Watch this - I make at least 20 revolutions in less than a minute in it - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNZ-3c3ETSk Shasta: As impressed with yourself as you are, it doesn't change... Continue Reading →

Mutt Movies – Thumbs and Animal Cruelty.

Sherlock penning today. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fc0551dJ3_k Sometimes my human, Momma Mim, is a meanie.  Take tonight for example. She knows I don't have thumbs, and yet, she puts the whip cream tub upside down so I couldn't get to the yummy. Where is PETA when I need them? This woman was so coldblooded, instead of helping when... Continue Reading →

It’s In My Mouth Monday – The Christmas Snake

Sherlock writing today. Children gather round for the story of the horrible Christmas Snake. Legend has it, that Santa Claus was once bit on the ankle by this awful creature.  It cause his glands to swell resulting in the fat man we see today. This nasty Christmas Snake has roamed North America forcing stores to stay open... Continue Reading →

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