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Shasta reporting in today. 

Go ahead and awwwww. I was cute from day one.  (For those of you who will want to buy me a birthday gift in the future, I was born on February 23rd, 2009.)  I was a rescue from a puppy mill in Tennessee but the great people at Poodle Rescue of Houston came and got me and my family to adopted us all out in Houston. I, however, was given a special honor.  I was donated to Houston Grand Opera to help awareness of my puppy mill plight and help the HGO raise some money. They took me to a gala with lots of fancy dressed people. Everyone thought I was so cute and I was so good while everyone took turns holding me. Then I went into the arms of Momma Mim. Here is a picture of our first hug.

our first hug


Some magical glue was created at that moment because we have been stuck together ever since. I went to live with MM in a house in Sugar Land, TX that had a great big back yard. I had been warned that humans sometimes didn’t let you in the house, or on the furniture, or in the big comfy bed, but I hit pay dirt with mine. As soon as I had all my ouchy shots, she took me somewhere almost every day. It started my ongoing love affair with the car. If it goes, I go. If I don’t go, I bark my head off to let everyone know how wrong it is to separate me from my wheels.

posing pretty puppy

I think about how my dog mother and dog father lived in a sad puppy mill. I hope you can look at my cute face and swear on it that you will only buy a dog from a reputable breeder or get it from a rescue group.  You can even find a great full blooded dog like me at a breed specific rescue.  Momma Mim + magic glue + me = BFF’s. I hope you have found, or can find, a wondrous equation for yourself.



Tongue Out Tuesday – A Rare Shot



Shasta blogging here today.

Welcome to Tongue Out Tuesday. As everyone knows, dogs cool off by panting. And here in Houston, TX, we have plenty of occasions to need a cool down. This has resulted in a lot of our paparazzi photos having our tongues wagging. I thought I would share some of them on every now and again to show we are not just about the looks. Sherlock and I are poodles of substance and are not afraid to show ourselves at less than lovely times.

Having said that, you need to know that the shot above is a rare one for me.  Unlike those that you will see of Sherlock, my tongue is actually the proper size for my mouth. That boy has a lizard tongue.  Even when I pant, my tongue is still daintily placed in my open mouth.  Sherlock’s is just flapping in the breeze.  I can manage to wrap mine around a Werther’s caramel hard candy when Momma Mim holds it in her fingers for us to taste, but that takes effort.

The other reason I decided to share this pic is that it teaches a valuable lesson. Live slugs are not something you want to put into your mouth. I repeat – do not stick a live slug between your cheek and gum.  Momma Mim ended up wiping slime off my nose, tongue, and chin.  It was not one of my dining high points. I understand humans like them with lots of butter and garlic. I’m down with the butter but garlic is poisonous to us dogs. That means that was first and last slug munch.

Check in for more tongue shots. It will usually be Sherlock but we will be laughing with him – not at him. Maybe.

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