Mutt Movies – Thumbs and Animal Cruelty.

Sherlock penning today. Sometimes my human, Momma Mim, is a meanie.  Take tonight for example. She knows I don't have thumbs, and yet, she puts the whip cream tub upside down so I couldn't get to the yummy. Where is PETA when I need them? This woman was so coldblooded, instead of helping when... Continue Reading →

It’s In My Mouth Monday – Night Terror

Shasta reporting in today. As you can see, I finally got video proof that Sherlock is the cause of the circles under my eyes. (They are hidden by fur, but I guarantee to you they are there.) I was able to borrow a night vision camera and shoot the mad dog in the act.... Continue Reading →

It’s In My Mouth Monday – The Christmas Snake

Sherlock writing today. Children gather round for the story of the horrible Christmas Snake. Legend has it, that Santa Claus was once bit on the ankle by this awful creature.  It cause his glands to swell resulting in the fat man we see today. This nasty Christmas Snake has roamed North America forcing stores to stay open... Continue Reading →

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